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Circulation Coins

Rs. 20

Rs. 10

Rs. 5

Rs. 2

Rs. 1

Commemorative Coins

Shree Jagannath Nabakalebara

Banaras Hindu University

Return From South Africa

Birth Anniversary of Maharana Pratap

Birth Centenary of Dr. M. S. Subbulakshmi

University of Mysore Centenary Celebration

Medals & Momento

North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology
Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust
Prawasi Bhartiya Saman Award Medal
ST. Peter's School, Panchgani
Commonwealth Games 2010
Commonwealth Games 2010
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams
Siddhivinayak Temple
Indian Reference Material
Indian Reference Material
Indian Railway
Ministry of External Affairs
Ministry of External Affairs
Ministry of External Affairs

Gold Processing & Refining

  1. India Government Mint Gold refinery oldest gold refinery in India started since 1919. After enactment of Gold Control Act 1968, Bombay Mint was the only licensed gold refinery in the country till the repeal of the act.
  2. IGM, Mumbai has integrated facility of Gold Refining, processing and testing (assaying).
  3. IGM, Mumbai has installed and successfully commissioned the state-of-the-art technology in Gold Refining in September’2012.
  4. The plant consists of following methods of refining :
    • Aqua-Regia Gold Refining
    • Electrolytic Gold Refining
    • Electrolytic Silver Refining
  5. IGM, Mumbai has Century old Premier Assay Laboratory of Nation. Assay Laboratory is NABL Accredited for Assay of Gold and Silver up to 999.9 PPT. The Laboratory has been approved by BIS as Referral Laboratory for assaying of Gold & Silver.

Gold & Silver Coin

Gold Coin 5gm
Silver Coin 40gm
Gold Coin 5gm
Gold Coin 10gm
Silver Coin 40gm / 999 purity

Weights and Measures

After Independence in India, the responsibility for making and administering laws of weights and measures is shared by Union and State Legislatures. The Union Parliament lays down the standards of weights and measures. This ensures the weights and measures recognized by law are the same throughout the country. The State Legislature makes law to enforce the weights and measures authorized by Parliament. In 1955 Parliament adopted resolution to standardize weights and measures in terms of the metric system.

The Standards of Weights and Measures Bill received the Presidents assent in December; 1956.This Act defines primary units of mass, length, capacity, time, electrical current, luminosity and temperature. By law the Central Government must acquire National Prototype standard and keep in their custody the same which is authenticated against the International Prototypes maintained by International Bureau of weights and measures. The significant progress in weights and measures was possible due to the endeavours of the Mumbai Mint.

  • Bombay Mint was manufacturing standards as per Bombay Weights & Measures Act 1932.
  • Weights & Measures Act 1956 was enacted to give adequate protection to consumer.
  • Varieties of Weights & Measures used in country under British system were replaced by adoption of metric standards in 1958 as per 1956 Act.
  • Since 1958, Mumbai Mint is supplying Reference, Secondary and Working Standards sets after checking against our accurate Standards authenticated, calibrated and approved by National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi.
  • Mumbai Mint started manufacturing and supplying of Mass Standards in Austenitic Stainless Steel material instead of Admiralty Bronze (88 % copper, 10% Tin, 2 % Zinc) conforming to International Organisation For Legal Metrology (OIML) R-111(2004).

As per Government of India Gazette Notification S.O. 211(E) Dated 31/01/2011-Chapter IV – Clause 29 (In exercise of the power conferred by sub- section (1) of sub- section (2) of Section 52 of Legal Metrology Act 2009(1 of 2010)) India Government Mint, Mumbai is authorized to manufacture following products:

Sr. No.StandardProduct
1MassReference, Secondary and Working
2LengthReference, Secondary and Working
3CapacitySecondary and Working

Mumbai Mint manufactures following stamping equipments to State enforcing Authorities:

  • Verification Date Stamps/ Plugs
  • Identification Stamps / Plugs
  • Inter-state transaction special Stamps/ Plugs
  • Quarter Stamps Big / Small (English)
  • Quarter Stamps Big / Small (Hindi)
  • Obliterating Stamps

Field Standard Test Measure

IGM Mumbai has designed and started supplying to the State Governments Volumetric Test Measure of 10 liters for fuel dispensing unit in coordination with FCRI. IGM Mumbai has got orders for 2000 nos of FSTM from Ministry of Consumer Affairs to be supplied to all the states.